Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wow, this health care documentary LIFE FOR SALE completely exceeded my expectations. President Barack Obama should really watch this movie. In fact, everyone in America should watch this movie. I could not sleep for days after I watched it, it was so alarming.

I totally believe that what was shown in the movie happened to my father and my mother when they were patients at the hospital called attention to in the film. Considering how much press this film has gotten, I am surprised that hospital is still in business.

Betty L

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding a Doctor You Can Trust

"Evelyn, you are a beautiful person. I am in awe of your personal courage and your brilliant mind and creative talent.

I spoke just yesterday to a friend who desperately needs a cardiologist she can trust. Her cardiac situation has over the last 4 years many times been life threatening and she has great problems with her blood pressure medication dosages. She is a whistleblower and because of what she has been through, has trouble trusting anyone. She had several instances where she felt that the hospital staff did not take her concerns seriously and therefore she has not trusted a doctor adequately to obey their orders in regards to her medication. Such a situation as this is where trust and patience are the most important elements in the doctor-patient relationship. You have always demonstrated that in your very personal care of patients. Being a cardiologist means a long term relationship with sometimes a very sick patient. You excel at your bedside caring and compassion; that is one reason you are a good cardiologist. Being a good doctor is not just your medical knowledge. I know that getting an adequate medical history from a frightened and sick patient takes special skills.


Friday, April 3, 2009


"Dr. Evelyn Li, your integrity, righteousness, and boldness never fails."  ~ Jeannie Tse

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To Everyone:

Dear all,

Have you ever wondered how our country plunged into such a dire financial crisis? Have you ever wondered who supported these egregious tycoons behind closed doors that caused it to happen?
The downfall of every regime can always be traced back to the extent of its corruption and bribery.
But do we have a solution to it all? Yes, we do. Look at history:
In 1960's Hong Kong, a British colony, was inundated with mafia and gangsters. Not a single policeman could be a policeman without getting involved and allied with the mafia. Bribery and corruption ran rampant. Who came to its rescue? Who turned the country around from the city with one of the highest crime rates to one of the lowest? And within a matter of five years is now the safest city to live in? And who, within a matter of five years, has changed Hong Kong to a colony with the highest federal reserve?
ICAC, founded and headed by a British police chief Jack Cater, had accomplished wonders. Because of Jack Cater's ethics and leadership, the Hong Kong ICAC has now become the model of criminology for the whole world. Because of his guidance, the mafia fled Hong Kong and the number of criminal operations became infinitestimal. At one point, Hong Kong proudly announced that they had totally eradicated the mafia.

How did our nation's health care system turn sour? Our movie, LIFE FOR SALE, has depicted the nefarious corruption and culpable bribery endemic in today's health care system.
How did we become victims of this financial crisis?

Dr Weinmann, former President of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, casts the film in this light: "NEVER IN HISTORY have these dark secrets of health care been revealed as they have in the health care documentary LIFE FOR SALE."

We can turn health care around. We need an anti-corruption and anti-bribery unit to counteract our adversaries, the current day mafia of our society. We will then, once again, enjoy the peace and serenity that should justifiably come with our country. We Americans deserve to live in a society of peace and honor.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The documentary, "Life for Sale", should be required viewing for the
(any political ) committee(s). ......The committee has not, to the best of my knowledge, viewed the documentary, "Life for Sale" -- they should. It shows what happens to real doctors and how real hospital administrations behave."

Robert L. Weinmann, M.D., former President of Union of American Physicians and Dentists

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Welcome to our site:

What if you died, without knowing how or why?
Health care cost is at an all time high.
Our nation's malpractice rate keeps going higher and higher.
Patients are dying.
Doctors are speaking up for the first time.
From ORB Film Productions
Comes the first film revealing the darkest secrets of health care
LIFE FOR SALE is now on DVD.
available at
84 minutes; feature documentary
March 2009